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This is just awful. These boys have no idea of the influence they have over their fans, they have made your sister’s life so bad that she has turned to self harm, which could have been so easily avoided by them just smiling and being decent human beings. I’m sure your sister is…

And I thought One Direction’s fans were nasty, telling a five year old girl to kill herself.

One Direction fans disgust me.

They’re just about as bad as Justin Bieber fans. They’re (most of them, it seems) are horrid people. What kind of person tells a five year old girl to kill herself, and tells her that her father deserved to die? That’s just foul! It’s putrid to know that they despise people who do not like One Direction and it’s horrible to understand that they will hurl insults to no end if you so much as make a simple criticism. It’s even more putrid to know that they have sent death threats to those who dislike One Direction. I’m sure that if Harry Styles were to murder or rape someone they would continue to support them and even say “oh he just made a mistake no one is perfect” or worse, “hah that bitch he killed deserved it”. Disgusting.

That’s not a fan, that’s a rabid zombie.

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